Nicolette Cristina

Nicolette’s what like 16? 17? She came to me asking for advice on her portfolio submission for college last week and I was blown away by how good she was considering her age. I know it’s not fair to judge someone based on their age, (what I’ve come to call the Olivia Bee argument) but it is 100% totally okay to judge them based on potential. Nicolette has bags full and she’s gonna take it all the way to her portfolio review and hopefully whoever is examining hers will see it too.

Understandably like anyone her age she’s prone to certain things like posting too many shots from an individual shoot on her flickr page and inconsistency in editing but if those were my main problems when I was as inexperienced as her, I’d have been ecstatic. 

By the way, anyone needing feedback on portfolio submissions or general advice, always feel free to hit up my ask box or anything listed in the contact details section on the main page. 

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