(Week spent in bed Edition!)

Apparently I have cardio costochronditis or “slipping rib syndrome” and it means I get weird flashing pains across my rib cage and my bottom ribs are really sore to touch. The only thing the doc said I should do is rest and take anti-inflammatories. So that’s what I’ve been doing this whole week. I am so insanely bored. I’m up to date on 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation and I watched the last two seasons of a previously unseen Arrested Development (I know, my bad for waiting this long). I may have also watched three movies, listened to nine podcasts and only have 50 or so pages left in that book I won’t mention on here. It’s been a really boring week. 

I’m splitting this week’s FPS into two posts because I think it’ll present itself better in the multi-photo layouts that Tumblr use. Just trust me, it looks nicer. 

TOP: Katai Stienstra
Great composition. There are so many lines in this shot that it really doesn’t seem like a square shot when you look at it up close for too long. The cold tone suits the snow a lot better than if it was white balanced for sunlight and the absence of the model’s face in this shot makes it a lot more curious than a direct portrait.

BOTTOM: Pauline Magnenat
Again, the colder tone suits this shot better. It makes the brickwork behind the subject come across as a lot more substantial to the shot than if it looked warmer. 
I love the Daniel Day-Lewis look to the model too. The scraggly beard, the style of shirt and the simple jacket. It really brings out a lot of character in the subject.

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