(Bumper Summer Edition!)

Maybe some of you noticed there wasn’t an FPS last week but that was down to two reasons. 1. I had just finished college for proper the day before by submitting my thesis proposal entitled “Stephen Shore’s American Surfaces: A Hidden Vernacular” and 2. It was my birthday BBQ and I was totally swamped with stuff to do before everyone arrived at my house. Accordingly, it only seems fit to make this week’s edition a bit more special though so I’ve expanded it a little to suit the occasion.

On the plus side, now that it’s Summer, I’m going to be able to spend more time on this blog instead of the past couple of months which was more akin to fitting in posts when I had some spare time. Already in the next while I have interviews with Elizabeth Weinberg and Bryan Formhals (of La Pura Vida Magazine) lined up as well as new features and guest posts. It’s all very exciting and will be revealed in due time. 

Here’s a short list of other Summer things I’m excited about:
Reading more NFL books (I’ve bought two today alone!), having days dedicated to watching a lot of one TV show (I watched most of the last season of Parks & Recreation over two nights this week), I got a good grade in my end of year project (I’ll put it up online soon. I never get good grades and I’m proud of this one) and lastly, the sun doesn’t set fully until nearly 11 o’ clock right now, which makes every day that much nicer. 

TOP: Dale Rothenberg
Dale is very much more established as a landscape photographer. Up until this, I may not have seen anything from him other than perfectly executed suburban night scenes. Not that I’ve ever had any doubt that Dale is a dynamic photographer but this was a nice thing to see in the Flickr queue this morning. The palette is still very much in line with a lot of his other work which is even more impressive because of the difficulty to carry that over from night shooting to daytime. 

MIDDLE LEFT: Samuel Bradley
Graduating out of Brighton University this year, Samuel Bradley has already made a name for himself in the real world and with shots like this, it’s not hard to see why. I love the temporality of the moment and shots like this are all about having an eye for timing. The clarity of the image is suberb and the depth of colour is possibly my favourite thing about this shot. Notice how the cloud of smoke has a fire trimmed bottom to it from the gunshot blast. Really just exceptional timing.

MIDDLE CENTRE: Barnaby Hutchins
With really simple shots like this, you have to place an emphasis on either quality or atmosphere and this image seems to be the former. It’s pin-sharp and the texture of each element comes across so clearly you expect the screen to have acquired each accordingly.

That hazy quality given by the sun either rising or setting is a difficult thing to utilise without falling into the many pitfalls of cliché photography. Clara manages to jump around from gap to gap, avoiding pitfalls like they’re lava and nailing this style on several different occasions. At the very least, she’s showing she can master this style, at best, this may become a signature of hers.

BOTTOM LEFT: Jeremy O’Sullivan
I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen this shot posted on a bunch of different photoblogs this past fortnight, but it was submitted here too, so maybe I’ll at least be the first to write something about it. 
This is very much NOW. It’s contemporary, it has smart colours and on top of all that it has wit. The flash/natural light imbalance is in vogue right now but it’s rarely used as well as it here. I’m sure when Jeremy saw this, he had one of those “I totally nailed it” moments. 

This reminds me a lot of some of the work currently being done by some of this year’s graduates in my college. The whole natural world interacting with the modern world in slightly disjointed ways aspect is really interesting right now and it’s certainly the most widely used form of experimental photography at the moment. Oh and lastly, the colours here are incredible. I’m sure some app developer will kill this look in a week or two but these almost 70’s beach colours are really engaging.  

Click on any of the above photos to see them larger.
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