(Last Ever Football Notes Edition)

I have a lot of things to talk about in terms of the NFL and football in general. For instance, there’s a college game happening in Dublin right now, Notre Dame - Navy. It’s really great to see such a big event happening here. It’s promising for the future of being a fan of the sport in such distant tiny country. 

Secondly, I don’t have to annoy you all by writing about all my NFL obsessions here anymore. I just started as a contributing writer for I’ve had two articles posted there this week already and hopefully will have a lot more in the near future. It’s exciting.

TOP: Pauline Magnenat
The tones here are absolutely perfect. I could easily see it in something like LBM Dispatch. Black and white done properly is one of my favourite things to look at. In my first year of college, they made is only allowed use 35mm black and white film and the process of learning that medium so thoroughly for a whole year was unquestionably beneficial. I’m disappointed they’ve since abandoned that style of teaching and jump straight to digital from the outset. 

LEFT: Wes Latta
The scale of this is what’s most impressive to me. The way the haze just draws off the top of the photo makes you look harder to pick out the details. Getting anyone to make an effort to look at your shot means you’ve succeeded. 

RIGHT: Sam Harris
This really reminds me of several beaches that I’ve only seen in films. The one from the first Twilight movie (I mean … I’ve never seen that movie ever) and several shots from The Descendants. It just has that feel of being a cold weather shot in somewhere that could be really beautiful.

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