(Night Snapshot Edition)

LEFT: Barnaby Hutchins | RIGHT: Dima Nevredimov

What I’m most attracted two about these two shots is their different approaches to display similar subject matter. The flash is an important element in the tool of snapshot hunters but the long exposure is the night photo’s best friend. 

On the left, Hutchins’ shot uses brash colours and stark contrast. We’re immediately drawn into the use of line and pattern. The flash illuminates all it can but the drop off for the light from it is fast. There’ is almost no background detail outside of the self-lit signage. As a result, you’re focused on the primary subject rather than it’s context though a similar yellow used for the text as the subject is really captivating. This photo is a study of what’s close, and excludes that which is not lit from the source.

On the other hand we have Nevredimov’s image which thoroughly utilises all available light to give the viewer as much information as possible. The streetlights almost resemble the flowers which we’re focused on. Unlike Hutchins’ photograph, this relies heavily on the context and overall setting. Outside of a street scene, this wouldn’t be half as remarkable a sight but the bounty of of flora on offer here in such an urban setting creates a tension that artists such as Gregory Crewdson have fully exploited. What’s especially pertinent is the palette. The flowers aren’t depicted with brilliant bold colours, rather with a washy winter look that really suits the foggyness of the scene.

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